Something Blue

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. This old adage is meant to bring the bride luck on her wedding day. For the past few weeks, BirminghamBrides has showcased one element of this proverb, explained its meaning, and highlighted both traditional and innovative ways to incorporate the theme in to your wedding day.

Blue represents good luck, love, and fidelity for your marriage. In the past, many brides have tucked a blue item in to her dress for luck on the wedding day, but more and more brides are beginning to use blue in a bolder and more prominent way.

Wedding Dress: More brides are shying away from the traditional white dress. Consider adding a blue sash to your gown.

Garter: A blue garter is the most popular Something Blue item.

Blue Flowers: Carry a bouquet with accents of blue flowers. Hydrangeas are a popular choice and will dry well in a preserved bouquet.

Dress and Handkerchief Monogram: Have your new monogram and your wedding date sewn in to the inside of your dress or on a vintage handkerchief.

Blue Accessories: Blue shoes. Blue jewelry. Blue lingerie. You can add a touch of blue to any of your wedding accessories.

Lighting: Soft blue lighting can be absolutely stunning in a well-decorated room.

Blue Car: Consider leaving your reception in a blue automobile.

Remember that there are different shades of blue. You can incorporate a bright blue in to a spring wedding, a midnight blue for an elegant evening wedding, or a light blue in to winter weddings.  Keep in mind that the color does not have to be prominent and can be easily hidden in to your wedding details. Or go all-out and use blue elements throughout your wedding theme. Either way, your Something Blue item can easily be incorporated.

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By Caitlin L. Cornelison