Something Borrowed

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. This old adage is meant to bring the bride luck on her wedding day. Here we will showcase one element of this proverb, explain its meaning, and highlight both traditional and innovative ways to incorporate the theme in to your wedding day.

The third element of the wedding saying is Something Borrowed. Traditionally, it represents “borrowed” happiness from a long-time married relative or friend, but you can also use newer items from a recently married couple. The idea is to borrow an item that he or she used on their wedding day and integrate it in to your own.

Your Sister’s Wedding Jewelry: Instead of purchasing brand new jewelry, borrow items your sister or friend wore on her wedding day, then pass it on to the next bride-to-be. It will be a neat way to show the closeness between sisters or a group of friends.

Elements from Your Mother’s Wedding: Wear a piece that your mother or grandmother wore on her wedding day. This can include hair pins and barrettes, necklaces, earrings, and even veils.  Borrow champagnes flutes, cake toppers, serving pieces, or other detail pieces from a family member’s wedding.

Elements from Your Mother in Law’s Wedding: Using an item from your in-laws’ wedding will mean a lot to your new family.

A Family Member’s Date: Consider using the same wedding date as your grandparents or parents.

Antique Handkerchiefs: In the past, many brides would receive a new handkerchief, usually embroidered with her married monogram or wedding date. Ask your mother, grandmother, or mother-in-law if she received one for her wedding. You can fold it neatly in to your wedding gown, or wrap it tastefully around your bouquet.

A Friend’s Car: If your friend has a cool vintage automobile or a hot new car fresh from the lot, consider borrowing it as your Get Away Vehicle. It will add an awe factor to the reception and cover your Something Borrowed item.

A lot of Borrowed Items can be simultaneously used for an Old Item. Consider using one article for multiple elements or go all-out and find one for each. Whatever you choose, ensure that Borrowed Items will be returned safely after the wedding is over, whether that means handing the article directly over to the person or entrusting a bridesmaid to the task.

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By Caitlin L. Cornelison