Something Old

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. This old adage is meant to bring the bride luck on her wedding day. Over the next few weeks, Birmingham Brides will showcase one element of this proverb, explain its meaning, and highlight both traditional and new ways to incorporate the theme in to your wedding day.

Something Old respects your past while representing continuity in to the future. It honors past relationships with family, friends and your new husband, as well as your childhood and development.  In this section of the old saying, you are remembering how your past shaped who you are today. Here are some suggestions:

Elements from Your Mother’s Wedding: Wear a piece that your mother, grandmother, or new mother-in-law wore on her wedding day. This can include hair pins and barrettes, necklaces, earrings, and even veils.  Borrow champagnes flutes, cake toppers, serving pieces, or other detail pieces from a family member’s wedding.

Baby Jewelry: If you received a ring or small bracelet as a baby, consider having this sewn in to your gown as a reminder of how your childhood influenced your present.

Old Engagement Rings/ Wedding Bands: This can be a respectful nod to close loved ones who have passed away. One option is to sew his or her wedding band or engagement ring in to the dress, which can easily be cut out without harming your gown. With this option, you will feel like the person is with you on your wedding day.

Family Bible: If you are having a religious wedding, ask your officiant to use a family Bible for the ceremony. Clearly bookmark passages read by ceremony readers for quick and easy transitions.

A Penny: Find a penny from your birth year and wear it in your shoe or tucked in to your gown. Then, for your Something New, find a penny from your wedding year.

Antique Handkerchiefs: In the past, many brides would receive a new handkerchief, usually embroidered with her married monogram or wedding date. Ask your mother, grandmother, or mother-in-law if she received one for her wedding. You can fold it neatly in to your wedding gown, or wrap it tastefully around your bouquet.

Vintage Compact: For wedding day make-up touch-ups, considerer purchasing or borrowing an antique compact. It will serve a practical use as well as covering your Something Old.

Your Mother’s Wedding Gown: Consider wearing your mother’s wedding gown. If it is too out of fashion, incorporate elements of the gown in to your own gown. You can also use lace or gown material to make your own garter. But be careful when if you decide to do this. Make sure your mother is completely fine with this idea and that your siblings do not want to use the dress for their weddings.

Family Pictures: Find wedding photos of your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, thendo the same for his side of the family. Frame them nicely and display them with your engagement pictures and bridal portrait.

 Childhood Pictures: Find cute or professional photos of you and your husband growing up. Arrange them in chronological order, ending with recent pictures of the two of you. These can be framed and displayed or made in to a slideshow.

 Vintage Automobiles: Head to your honeymoon night in a vintage automobile.

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By Caitlin L. Cornelison

Main Photo: Unplugged Photography