Our Money

Make sure you know about each other's financial history. Sit down and talk about your individual histories. This will build a great deal of understanding and common knowledge as you create your new life together. Each partner should know what financial baggage they are bringing to the marriage.From rings to china to wedding venues and honeymoon spots, the months leading up to a wedding are a whirlwind of activity that all involve money.

You should both like the china, etc. When you are making plans, don’t forget to plot out your financial life together as carefully as the rest of the aspects your wedding plans. Together the two of you should set money goals and budgets that allow both of you to be happy. Money—the ability to make, save and wisely spend it—is one of the roots of a successful family life.

Although money should not dominate your discussions but it should be a part of the learning process that turns two people into a successful married couple. You should both be comfortable with the spending and saving habits of your intended. But it takes time. You come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. So avoid using differences in financial management as a basis for arguments and hostility.

You’ll find that honesty and understanding are as important in your financial life together as they are in every other aspect of your marriage.