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GianMarco's Private Dining Room 

Gianmarcos’ private dining room can comfortably seat up to 60 for a full plated dinner, or accommodate a small intimate cocktail party.

Our guests are free to choose anything from menu staples, to evening specials for their party. We simply ask that you limit your salad choices to two, the entree choices to no more than four and the dessert options to two. Guests may also add appetizers for an additional charge. 

GianMarcos is happy to work within any budget and is flexible to your specific needs. Our only requirement for opening the private dining room is that the host meet a $2,000 food and beverage minimum. 

Our lovely space comes complete with a private bar, bathrooms and kitchen (which allows for private chefs the evening of the event). We provide tables, chairs, flatware, glasses, tablecloths, napkins, food and alcohol. Guests are welcome to bring in a florist and decorate however you like. GianMarcos also offers "party wine" options, which average about $25 per bottle. Alternatively, guests are welcome to upgrade to any other wines we offer. We staff one server to every 10-15 people. 

Additional fees, other than the food and beverage costs, are tax and gratuity. 9% tax and 20% gratuity is added and is split amongst the staff.

To book an event or for more information, please contact Courtney Reaves at 205-478-2276 or email courtneygianmarcos@gmail.com