Five Steps To Healthy Weight

If you want to lose weight before the wedding avoid trendy diets, and make small effective changes in plenty of time to achieve results. And don’t forget most men love curves, not twigs.

1. Eat less and not late. Cut your portions by one third, and don’t eat after 6:00 p.m.

2. Avoid processed foods, and eat fresh foods instead.

3. Don’t eat for comfort. Instead lift your spirits on a bad day with non-food items, such as a manicure or new lipstick.

4. Move more. Start or keep up your planned exercise while making moving a daily habit. Burn off nervous energy by walking around (rather than sitting) while talking on the phone to your long-winded friend. And turn on the music when at home alone, and fast dance around the house.

5. Lose a little and hold that weight for a while before trying to lose more.