Hair Countdown

Hair Countdown Six Months Prior:

  • Book wedding day appointment with your stylist.
  • If you are planning a wedding in another city far from where your present hair stylist is located, begin searching for a stylist.
  • If you want to grow your hair a bit, change to a shorter style, or try a different color, discuss options with pictures of desired look with your stylist, who can offer advice for your coloring and facial shape.
  • Consult with your stylist with a picture of your gown and before selecting a veil, headpiece or hair accessory.
  • Make appointments for haircuts and color over the next six months so that your hair is the perfect length can color for your wedding day.

Hair Countdown Two Months Prior:

  • Have a hair rehearsal with your stylist after selecting your coiffure. Bring the veil, headpiece, or hair accessories you plan to wear along with the picture of your gown. Wear a blouse that is similar in color and neckline to your gown.

Hair Countdown One to Two Weeks Prior:

  • Get final haircut and color. Don’t even think about a new look at this late date.
  • If you have bangs, remind stylist not to cut too short.

Hair on Wedding Day:

  • Have hair done in early enough in the day so that you are not stressed by it but late enough to avoid a falling do.
  • Final touches need to be made after make up if done and before you are dressed in your gown.

Nails Countdown Three Months Prior:

  • Start growing short nails into shape and controlling cuticles by getting regular (weekly or two week) manicures.
  • Try a French manicure, and other light shades of sheer pink, and beige. Select same shade for your pedicures.
  • Moisturize hands and nails before bedtime with products suggested by you manicurist.
  • Traveling is hard on your nails. Schedule a manicure for a time that is convenient during your honeymoon. If your honeymoon is an extended one, schedule a pedicure too.
  • Begin monthly pedicures.
  • Between appointments moisturize feet before bedtime. Use any products as directed by your pedicurist.
  • Avoid using nails for anything other than showing off your engagement ring. They are jewels, not tools.

Nails Countdown One-Day Prior:

  • Have manicure and pedicure, and allow time for drying completely at the salon or spa so that your polish will last until you can get another during your honeymoon.
  • Purchase the polish and topcoat used so you can touch up in the event of a chipped nail or polish.
  • Again, avoid using nails for anything other than showing off your engagement ring. They are jewels, not tools.